Dr. N Hariharan puts in effort to prepare his lecture slides (they are pretty well prepared and comprehensive). His lectures are fairly interesting and engaging. Also, he is generally quite effective in facilitating discussion during classroom. His lecturing style was fueling interest in us about the subject - he was able to answer any question and always had a good example to support the argument - he challenged us in classes problems to think further ,he nurtured interest in the subject. The course materials were very well developed and included everything that was needed. He was enthusiastic, energetic and had a wonderful way of simplifying explanations of more complex issues into clearly understandable and memorable language. I enjoyed every bits of the lessons. I didn't miss any of his lecture because I know will miss out much, even the information beyond curriculum. I had a very engaging, interactive lessons with Dr. There was no class I missed out because the teaching methods he uses are simple, adaptable and understandable. I gain exposure beyond syllabus and industrial experience. Insightful motivations bring me enthusiasm about the subject. His constructive critics and feedback on presentation have enhance my presentation skill. I can boldly face the interview panel without panic. I’m well groomed.