In all honesty I would love to say during my encounters with Dr Hariharan he has been an inspiration to many that he taught both on and off classes. I gladly say he has a significant contribution to me knowing the little that I know because I so wanted to be like him in many ways. He always brought out the best in me all the time as I was never afraid to “confide” in him whatever was bothering me. He is a well discipled man whom I know can do just about anything, he puts his mind to because he is resilient, hardworking and very knowledgeable and like I used to tell many if the world had more people like him then surely without a doubt the world would be a better place. He has never been late in any of his classes and never missed a single class during the duration that he taught me. He always expected the best out of all his students and its very understandable because he hardly does anything wrong. I am very pleased to have met him in my life as people like him are very rare to find more so that regardless of him been a very wise and knowledgeable man I have found him to be book smart and also street wise as well as he had a lot of knowledge both general and in his line of speciality. He was easily approachable and friendly with everyone in class and he treated everyone the same throughout the years that he taught. In conclusion I would like to say…….. I without single doubt trust that Dr. will succeed in all he does as he is always passionate in everything that he does as he never does it halfheartedly and surely the world needs more people like him.